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Gölyazı Saint Panteleimon Church ( Hagias Georgias Church) - Euro Park Hotel Bursa Tourism Guide

According to some sources, the church, also known as Hagias Georgias Church, was dedicated to St. Georgias. The construction date of the church was known as the 19th century, but the phrase 1903, which appeared during the restoration work, most likely indicates the end date of the church.


Gölyazı St. Panteleimon's Church, which is a three-nave rectangular basilica, was used as a place of worship until the time of the population exchange. The church, which has been used for various purposes since this date, has managed to reach the present day by taking serious damage with the effect of time and fires. Gölyazı Aziz Panteleimon Church, which was restored in accordance with its original form by Bursa Nilüfer Municipality, has been open to visitors since 2014 as a cultural center after the renovation works.


If you happen to pass by Gölyazı one day, do not forget to visit Gölyazı St. Panteleimon Church. We wish you a pleasant holiday in advance.

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